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Brand new 5th Edition Pittsburgh Bike Map is available. Lots of updates and additions!  There is also a Premium, Rip-proof, waterproof version available, see below for details.

The last on-street bike map produced in Pittsburgh came out in 1992 – back when Sophie Masloff was Mayor. We’ve changed that, and produced the definitive bike map for the city.

Pittsburgh has no traditional urban grid pattern, and the streets that transect the city tend to be busy with fast moving traffic. Also, the lower-traffic routes tend not to connect neighborhoods, or are very steep hills. Our map is designed with the commuter and urban explorer in mind, in the hopes that folks can learn some safer routes between neighborhoods, as well as explore some new territory.


Pittsburgh’s  bike lanes, trails, and sharrows are also noted.  We also identify and mark unavoidable stretches of road that are hazardous where people are to ride with “Caution.”  For these areas, we provide information on who to contact to lobby for safer streets.

Though the original “Sophie Map” was produced and funded by the City of Pittsburgh, an arrangement common in most urban areas that try to encourage bicycle transport, Bike Pittsburgh produces this map with funding provided by the Heinz Endowments. Map cartography by Deeplocal with illustrations by Alana Lyons.

Believe us, you’ll want one hanging in your living room next to the family portrait, maybe even above it.

Find out more about the latest version of the Pittsburgh Bike Map

In addition to the free map (available at the locations below), we produced a Premium Pittsburgh Bike Map. This map was printed on rip-proof, waterproof paper and is sure to stand the rigors of your bag.

Pittsburgh Bike Map pdf

bikemap5_total-webYou can download a pdf of the map to view on your smart phone, print sections out on your computer, or do whatever it is you kids do these days.

Premium Pittsburgh Bike Map

If you want to upgrade from our free paper map, you can get a Premium Pittsburgh Bike Map right here!
This map is printed on a high quality rip-proof, waterproof paper. It’s really incredible actually.

Only $10 (includes shipping and handling)

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Getting a Free Map

Regular maps are available for free at all bike shops and various other businesses around town. See below for the complete list.

Where to Find a Free Pittsburgh Bike Map

Keep checking this site as we update locations – some places may run out




South Side

Squirrel Hill

Point Breeze/Homewood


Highland Park

East Liberty


  • Kraynick’s Bike Shop, 5003 Penn Ave


West Mifflin


Castle Shannon



Interactive Online Maps and Resources

Bike Pittsburgh’s very own online Pittsburgh Bike Map.

Explore Pittsburgh by bike, explore the map. We packed in tons of useful information such as trails, bridge crossings, landmarks, notes, friendly and cautionary routes, bike shops and more!

Trails and Trail Maps

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