Seeking Tandem Enthusiasts

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All- Posting for someone who contacted us. See below. I’ll be fielding any responses and forwarding them to her, just put “tandem” in the subject line.
Hello, my name is Catherine Getchell, and I recently moved to
Pittsburgh from Philadelphia. I am a huge cycling enthusiast. Being
totally blind, I ride tandem. I have my own tandem, a Cannondale, but I’m looking for folks who may be interested in riding with me. I ride on roads or trails and am the kind of person who thinks a 50-mile ride with lots of hills is fun. The bike and I are located in East

If you have ridden tandem before, or even if you’ve never tried a
tandem but might like to give it a try, I’d love to hear from you. I
am free many evenings or weekends for a ride.

If you are interested in giving tandem a try, please email, and Bike Pittsburgh will forward me your email.
Thanks so much!


you should just send her to seth, I think he knows every tandem in the city, also loves talking.


good call

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