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Pittsburgh can seem like a daunting place to ride a bicycle for a new cyclist or a newcomer to the city, but it shouldn’t be. This is our philosophy behind our print and online Pittsburgh Bike Maps. Our city’s beauty, in many ways, stems from our lack of a traditional street grid, our rivers, and our many hills — three elements that also make riding in the city challenging at times, especially since these geographic components provide most of our neighborhood connections. Our maps are designed with the commuter and urban explorer in mind, in hope that folks can learn the easiest and safest routes to traverse our landscape, as well as explore some new territory.

We identify the best routes for cycling and connecting neighborhoods, the car-free trails, as well as the less-than-ideal, yet unavoidable stretches of road as “Cautionary Bike Routes.” We also have a separate safe cycling section so riders can familiarize themselves on how to stay safe while riding a bike in Pittsburgh.

In addition to all of the information on the print map, the online version contains information about crossing bridges, an expanded notes and landmarks section, the opportunity to view the routes in terrain and satellite mode, and user-submitted crash information. Click on the images above to find out more about Bike Pittsburgh’s mapping projects.

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