State Bill Sharpens Tools Against Drunk Driving


Judges could set vehicle breathalyzers as a condition of bail for DUI arrests

State Representative Dom Costa (D-Allegheny County) has introduced legislation this session that would prevent those charged with DUI offenses from further endangering the public.

HB 1775 mandates the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID, or vehicle breathalyzer) as a bail condition for those charged with DUI multiple times in the last ten years. A vehicle with an IID will not operate unless the driver provides a sober breath sample. Currently, state law only orders the installation of such systems for those convicted on multiple DUI offenses.

County judges could also order the installation of an IID for first-time defendants if they pose a particular threat to re-offend while on bail. Accused persons would be subject to continuous sobriety monitoring until the device has been installed.

The bill is co-sponsored by other representatives serving Allegheny County, including Tony Deluca, Harry Readshaw, and Bill Kortz.

This legislation closes a clear gap in current state law. Enhanced monitoring will keep reckless drivers off the road while preserving the rights of defendants prior to trial. We encourage you to contact Rep. Costa or any of the sponsors and let them know that you support this common sense measure.

The bill is in committee currently, but we will update you with any status changes.

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